One City…

One Mission

I AM CHI Foundation NFP Organization 501(c)(3) serves Chicago’s youth through tutoring, counseling, job training, after-school and mentoring programs. Our mission is simple, put Chicago children on a path to success. “One City, One Mission” is our motto because it’s going to take the entire city in some capacity or another to complete the mission of serving, and saving the youth of Chicago. Every citizen of Chicago has a responsibility to the future generations of this city. We want to be apart of the solutions and we hope you’d help us.

What We Do!


TUTORING: 2nd -12th Grade Students

CREDIT RECOVERY: Help H.S. Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors enroll in programs that help them recover classes they failed.

Re-Engagement: Assist 18-22 Year Old’s Return To School


COUNSELING: Open to all participants that feel the need to talk to someone.

PEER CIRCLES: Participants are separated by age groups to speak openly and freely without the fear of being judged.

PEER PARTNER: Participants are partnered together to hold each other accountable, have someone to talk to if needed or study with.


SELF ESTEEM BUILDING: Participants will partake in programs, discussions and activities that will help build their self esteem.

IMAGE OF SELF: Participants will identify, establish and become the person they desire to be, and not the individual they were told they should be from family, friends, social media or society.

MENTORING: Participants will be assigned a mentor to help them navigate the program, but also life outside of the program.


TRAVEL: Participants will travel domestic and internationally to see places that will not only broaden their horizon, but also spark their imagination.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Participants will partake in community service events in order to earn travel points.

CROSS CULTURAL CONNECTION: Participants will learn about other cultures, community customs, ways of life and traditions.


CREATIVITY: Participants will be able to make music, create art, write and produce short films, dance and write poetry in our creative arts studios dedicated to the different aspects of the art.

CULTIVATE: Participants will be encouraged to use their talents, and gifts to uplift their families and communities.

COMMON INTEREST: Participants will partner with like-minded participants and showcase their works for the communities in which we will serve.


JOB TRAINING/PLACEMENT: Participants of age will go through our job training program that includes filling out applications, interviewing skills and techniques, including how to dress, in addition to resume building.

FINANCIAL LITERACY: Participants of age will partake in programs and courses geared towards the importance of credit, saving, budgeting and money management. All participants will open a free checking account with a local Chicago bank.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Participants who are interested in starting their own business will be offered programs and courses on how to start a business, and how to create business and marketing plans.


VOCATIONAL: Participants will have the opportunity to learn, be mentored in programs that are facilitated by volunteers who currently work in the fields they are interested in.

CREATIVE: Participants will be able to express themselves through all artistic mediums, be it music, graphic design, film & video, painting, fashion design, dance, creative writing or acting.

POST SECONDARY: Participants will work with post secondary coaches to identify what their plans are post high school and beyond.

Fundraising Goal

We’re raising funds to secure a 2 Closed CPS Buildings. 1 on Chicago’s West Side, and 1 on Chicago’s South Side to serve Chicago Youth. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to purchase, rehab, furnish the buildings as well as secure supplies, desk, computers and other essentials needed to successfully serve our youth in a safe and productive environment.

You Can Help!


The services, programs and courses we offer are facilitated by volunteers. If you have experience in one of the services listed above, and would like to volunteer with us serving the youth of Chicago email us at iamchifndn@gmail.com Subject Line: Volunteer.


We Also Accept Donations Of All Kind. We are a non-profit organization, and donations are what gives us the ability to serve the youth of Chicago. All donations are welcomed. Email us at iamchifndn@gmail.com Subject Line: Donations.

Our Story

David Bruce Hall: Program Director

The I AM CHI Foundation NFP Organization is the brainchild of David Bruce Hall, a Chicagoan born and raised in Chicago’s Westside Henry Horner Homes. Hall attended and graduated Henry Suder Elementary before moving on to Marie Curie High School. Upon graduating High School he went on to study at Northern Illinois University. However, had to return home to care for his younger sisters so he enrolled at Columbia College Chicago to finish his undergrad degree in Business Management. The idea of I AM CHI was born out of Hall’s love for the city of Chicago, but also out of his mission to help the youth of the city be greater than what the world view them as. Hall is passionate about not only helping the youth, but also changing the perception of the city nationally and internationally. In 2016 he started an apparel line “Product Of Chicago” to give Chicagoan’s a sense of pride, and to put the world on notice that Chicago is a great city that produces greatness. The I AM CHI Foundation is the chapter of Hall’s life that he calls “legacy defining.” We have one mission with the I Am Chi Foundation “serve and save as many Chicago youth as possible.” We believe education along with exposure to different environments and experiencing other cultures will give Chicago youth a broader view of what the world has to offer, and a better chance at success.

Tiffany M. Stevens: Director of Counseling & Social Emotional Services

Tiffany M. Stevens is the Founder and Clinical Director of Graceful Growth Counseling Services, a group counseling practice in the South Loop of Chicago, IL, aimed towards serving women. Tiffany is also the author of Pretty In Pink: Stories of Survival, Courage & Faith. She enjoys speaking, facilitating workshops, hosting retreats for women, and coaching individuals on how to manifest their dreams.  

Tim Jones: Director of Community Outreach & Youth Services

Tim Jones is a thought leader, communicator and writer. Mr. Jones has found success in providing a context, different from the expectation. He provides influence and perspective on leadership, motivation & inspiration. He currently keynotes, hosts and facilitates discussions throughout the city of Chicago and the nation.  

Born into a heritage of community leaders on the south side of Chicago, Tim also provides leadership addressing the social issues plaguing the city of Chicago and Urban America in the areas of Economic Development, Public Safety/Violence, & Education Equality. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Northern Illinois University.  

He specializes in challenging and persuading audiences, to live by the mantra he created and lives by: “Leave No Potential On The Table”.



Garfield Park Office JLM Community Center 2622 W. Jackson Blvd.

Roseland/West Pullman Office Phalanx Family Services Center 837 W. 119th St.

Home Office & Mailing Address : 2147 S. Lumber St Chicago, Il 60616 Suite 420A